McDowell Hospital

McDowell Hospital - Marion K.C. Byrd Electrical Contractors, Inc. is fortunate to provide electrical services to the local hospital, McDowell Hospital, Mission Hospital - Marion main campus as well as many of their new specialized facilities in the area. Electrical Low Voltage Security - CCTV Network cabling

Tom Johnson’s Camping Center

Tom Johnson's Camping Center An ongoing and diversified client. The grounds and buildings of Tom Johnson's Camping Center in Marion North Carolina boasts a large campground, several annual events and a state of the art service area.

Along The Quilt Trail

Safe in the Sun Thanks to One   Parents Honored With Quilt Block Safe in the Sun, Thanks to One By Nora Worthen In the 1920s and 1930s, as factories began operations in Marion and surrounding towns, the people living in the mountain counties, dreaming of a better way of life for their families, gave…